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Master Degree Program

The foundation of the master degree program is based on the disciplines learned at the undergraduate level and is aimed at deepening the expertise of a specific field of study. Student's works show distinction and uniqueness as well as dedication to universal principles and values. In addition, students in the course develop a wide range of high-level artistic skills and techniques needed in the professional workplace. The master degree program at Kanazawa College of Art prepares students for a doctoral course.Emphasis is placed on fostering student's skills in languages, writing dissertations and forming his or her scholastic ability.

Since the program started in 1979, not only have Japanese graduate students registered but also many foreign students have. This diversity creates a stimulating environment with a rich international atmosphere that promotes the sharing of ideas and research fields. The program was restructured in the year 2000 and currently is thriving. It is organized in five departments: Painting (Japanese and Oil), Design (Visual / Product / Space), Aesthetics and Art History, Sculpture, and Crafts. In 2005 the Master Program launched Fashion Comprehensive to consolidate the existing courses while enhancing the varieties of research and practice into a more characteristic integrity.

Doctoral Degree Program

The doctoral degree program is a continuation of the master degree program. Starting in 1997, the program is now in its 8th year and eleven candidates have been awarded PhD degrees so far. To achieve a doctoral degree, the highest standard in academics, candidates must have extensive knowledge of the fine arts, technical skills, the ability to develop methods of artistic expression, and dedication to research as well as a deep understanding of the area's craft and art. The foundation of the doctoral course is two fold, creating artwork and dedication to research. The program is organized into four course divisions. Each course is composed of several related fields that interchange to accomplish clear objectives. The course and related fields are as follows:

1. Fine Art: Japanese Painting, Oil Painting (lithography, mural, illustration) and Sculpture.
2. Craftwork: Ceramics, Urushi Lacquer and Woodwork, Metalwork, Dyeing and weaving.
3. Design: Space Design, Visual Design and Product Design.
4. Art History and Aesthetics: Aesthetics, History of Craft, Japanese Art, Asian Art and Western Art.

Fashion Comprehensive

This course set up as a new course of design in the Master program in 2005, regards fashion as the source of cultural creation and the pioneer in the forefront of design. We are seeking for students who have basic imagination and power of expression, and have interest and eagerness for fashion, regardless of specialized field or their career.

The curriculum includes the contents which integrate making of clothing, costume, textile, accessories with upbringing of business sense. Students deepen a theoretical study of fashion, and learn the latest fashion sense from a designer playing an active part in the front line.

We bring up a talented person passing in the world by the prior training in a company domestic and foreign. We aim at succeeding to tradition for making and creating a new fashion scene by utilizing educational resources of related major like design, crafts, and other.

Associate Prof.
Associate Prof.
MURAYAMA Hiroko (Fashion Design)
HIRATSUKA Seiko (Fashion Design)