Department of Craft


Training students who will pioneer a world of new crafts.

In the Department of Crafts, students learn about various traditional techniques and raw materials during the first half of their 4th year of study. In particular, they acquire knowledge and skills related to crafting. In the second half of the year, the focus is moved to the power of expression and creativity. Students engage in research centered on a specialist course, while leveraging and maintaining mutual linkages between the characteristics of courses on ceramics, Urushi/woodwork, metalwork and textiles. Through our undergraduate program we aim to train craftspeople, designers, researchers and mentors who are recognized the world over.

Faculty Staff

  • ProfessorHatakeyama Koji
  • ProfessorTanaka Nobuyuki
  • ProfessorYamamura Shinya
  • ProfessorYamamoto Takeshi
  • ProfessorHara Satoshi
  • ProfessorOhtaka Tohru
  • ProfessorIkeda Shoichi
  • ProfessorAdachi Mami
  • Associate professor Kagajo Ken
  • Associate professor Miyanaga Haruka
  • LecturerAoki Chie
  • LecturerMizushiro Satoshi