Department of Design

Visual Design

Visual design that forms rich connections between people

We implement personal teacher-to-student education with the motto “visual communication is a peaceful weapon used to fight battles in the world”. Ideas that touch people’s hearts and fascinating expression are indispensable in design. In this major, high-level work guidance matched to each student’s individuality is carefully implemented, aiming to develop students that are in-tune with society and able to work in all communication genres.

Faculty Staff

  • ProfessorTerai Taketoshi
  • ProfessorSuzuki Yasuo
  • Associate professor
  • Associate professor Sakano Toru
  • LecturerShimohama Rintaro
  • Lecturer

Industrial Design

Producing professional designers with rich intelligence and sensitivity, under the principle of “think with your hands, build with your heart”

We foster designers with strong communication skills, who can respond to the needs of society through open mindedness and problem solving capability, and who possess abundant creativity and formative skills. Design includes that of everyday items, furniture, appliances, information devices, public works, automobiles, etc. We cultivate designers, researchers and educators who can respond to the needs of society realistically with human understanding and a challenging spirit, through the study of diverse material processing techniques and thought processes via personal experience and the construction of theories.

Faculty Staff

  • ProfessorMuranaka Minoru
  • ProfessorASANO Takashi
  • ProfessorKawasaki Keigo
  • ProfessorYasushima Satoshi
  • ProfessorNegoro Takanari

Interior & Architectural Design

Producing designers capable of contributing to society, with a focus on the spatial design domain

This curriculum is centered around design, its planning and its execution, based on considerations of human-scale interior space design. The subjects of design exercises include shop displays, exhibitions and events, residential and public facilities, as well as the equipment, utensils and furniture etc. used within them. Our students engage in energetic creative design and urban development, while experiencing Kanazawa’s rich natural and urban environment. We endeavor to extract the full potential from each and every student, nurturing their ability to make real-world proposals and maintain a global outlook.

Faculty Staff

  • ProfessorKadoya Osamu
  • ProfessorTsuba Takahiro
  • ProfessorUneno Yuji
  • ProfessorKitamura Kenya
  • LecturerNishimoto Koki