Department of Fine Art

Japanese Painting

Producing paintings that stand the test of time, 100 years from now

Beautiful natural mineral pigments and expressions that capture reality… The unique painting expression known as “Nihonga” (Japanese Painting) has evolved and expanded in scope through the ages. However, in order to acquire this method of expression, and reveal the various schools of painting, inspiration, perseverance and layered education was necessary. Our Japanese Painting major comprises a carefully designed curriculum that not only covers the fundamentals and traditional expression, but also assists “Nihonga” students in their flight to the future.

Faculty Staff

  • ProfessorMatsuzaki Juro
  • ProfessorSato Shunsuke
  • Associate professor Araki Keishin
  • Associate professor Ishizaki Tomokazu

Oil Painting

Training students responsible for new-age artistic activities with basic skills

We nurture our students with an appreciation for the fundamental principles of formative arts, while equipping them with advanced oil painting techniques, and instilling individuality and sensitivity. We endeavor to train students capable of becoming the artists of the future, through artistic education that enables activity in new-age artistic fields.

Faculty Staff

  • ProfessorMiura Kenji
  • ProfessorOhmori Akira
  • ProfessorTakahashi Haruki
  • ProfessorSuzuki Hiroshi
  • Associate professor Iwasaki Jun
  • LecturerTakeda Yusuke


Looking into nature, conversing with the raw materials and exploring our form

In modern times, as a world with limitless expression, the domain of sculpture has broadened to cover many areas including the explanation of meaning and methods of expression. In the Sculpture major, students study and explore the principle of form through nature observation, and experience the raw materials personally. Through this, the drawing out of possibilities becomes the starting point for sculpture expression and development. Looking into nature, talking with the raw materials, together let’s search for our own form that transcends generations.

Faculty Staff

  • ProfessorIshida Yosuke
  • ProfessorDoi Koji
  • Associate professor Hamada Shu
  • Associate professor Shibayama Masaya
  • Associate professor

Aesthetics & Art History

Students learn theory and practical skills, and are trained to work in the art scene

Diverse linguistics are linked together with art theory and history, cultivating writing and thinking ability. Students’ understanding of raw materials, technique and artistic works is deepened through the acquisition of a wealth of practical skills. Professional expertise required for research and practical work, such as the investigation of cultural property and planning/development meetings, is cultivated.

Faculty Staff

  • ProfessorKamitani Yoshio
  • ProfessorYasui Ayumi
  • ProfessorKikuchi Yuko
  • ProfessorMizuno Saya
  • Associate professor Yoshida Gyoko
  • Lecturer