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Liberal Arts, Basic Subjects

Liberal Arts

All roads lead to Art.

The liberal arts foster the intelligence and sensibility to be an artist. We provide a wide range of education on human cultures, and language training (English, French, German and Italian) is also provided in small groups. Teacher training and curatorial courses offer career options after graduation.

Faculty Staff

  • Professor

    Aoyagi Risa

  • Professor

    Takahashi Akihiko

  • Professor

    Kuwamura Sawako

  • Professor

    Ohtani Masayuki

  • Professor

    Nikata Kunio

  • Professor

    SHIBUYA Taku

  • Associate professor

    Inagaki Kenji

Basic Subjects

Study theory and skills beyond the boundaries of your major. There you can always find new discoveries.

Now is an age of expanding methods of expression and fusion. From its beginnings, Kanazawa College of Art has cherished learning that is beyond the boundaries of students’ majors. The basis of creative strength is cultivated through the study of the underlying essence found at the root of all expression.