Liberal Arts, Basic Subjects

Liberal Arts

Creativity is born out of an ability to enjoy culture.

The liberal arts nurture creativity. From the Tales of Ise to Einstein, their range is infinite. We invite you to a world of expansive study, including music, film, animation and computers. Through life-saving first aid, lifelong sports, gymnastics and language classes (English, French, German, Italian) with only a few people and a focus on practical use, we support a variety of pathways for students. 40% of students acquire a teaching license, and 30% acquire a curator qualification.

Faculty Staff

  • ProfessorAoyagi Risa
  • ProfessorTakahashi Akihiko
  • ProfessorKuwamura Sawako
  • ProfessorOhtani Masayuki
  • ProfessorNikata Kunio
  • ProfessorSHIBUYA Taku
  • Associate professor Inagaki Kenji
  • LecturerDavid BREWSTER

Basic Subjects

Study theory and skills beyond the boundaries of your major. There you can always find new discoveries.

Now is an age of expanding methods of expression and fusion. From its beginnings, Kanazawa College of Art has cherished learning that is beyond the boundaries of students’ majors. The basis of creative strength is cultivated through the study of the underlying essence found at the root of all expression.